Challenge Yourself to Get Stronger With Vinyasa Yoga

While Hatha Yoga is more centered on breathing, Vinyasa Yoga will require more physical and mental effort from you. With Vinyasa Yoga, the poses change more abruptly, increasing blood flow and waking up the cardiovascular system. Gradually, your body will be gain more control and stability. You can achieve all of this with patience and perseverance.

Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Soul Through Hatha Yoga

We will help find the yoga class that suits you best! If you prefer yoga that is slower-paced and more on the meditative side, Hatha Yoga is for you. Through our Hatha Yoga classes, we focus on breath-controlled exercises and yoga postures or asanas. Hatha yoga believes that through centering your breath, everything else follows. Gain focus and awareness through these slow yet powerful movements.